Boyd Alcorn

School Spirit Vending Provides a wide range of benefits to help your school’s fundraising needs, including:

No upfront expense to your school for equipment, graphic design, printing, etc.

Along with spirit stickers, the machine offers other licensed and non-licensed stickers depending on what’s currently hot (NFL and college football, Disney, cute animals, etc.). These stickers are rotated regularly so the machine remains relevant to the students in your school.

No more work than cashing a monthly check. We handle all equipment servicing and product rotation, so your volunteers will have no additional work added to their already busy schedules.

A percentage of all machine revenues go directly to the school, PTA or PTO each month. We currently have equipment in stock, so we can help you start supplementing your fundraising efforts immediately!

Our skilled graphics team custom designs school spirit stickers with your school’s input.

Kids of all ages love stickers.

Our equipment is mechanical, so no electricity is used.

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