Every day, new schools discover how easy and effective School Spirit Vending can be for their fundraising needs. The first time one of our Spirit Machines is emptied and the proceeds are distributed to our schools, PTA’s, PTO’s or Booster Clubs, the reaction is always the same…disbelief that something so easy can be so effective.

Why not put this power to work for your school? Simply contact us and we’ll start a relationship that will be the simplest, yet most rewarding, fundraising project you’ve ever seen.

"WOW!! I am impressed with the sheer volume of sales! What a great thing we have going!!"
– PTA Secretary, Northlake Elementary

"This is the easiest fundraising that we’ve ever done!"
– PTO President, West Columbia Elementary

"This has been the best no hassle fundraiser ever. The kids love the stickers and it is a great benefit to the school."
– Principal, Ed Cody Elementary

"The School Spirit Vending program has assisted in two ways: motivation and school spirit. It has allowed for our students to have ways of continuing to support the school while receiving motivational stickers as well as increasing school spirit."
– Joel S. De La Garza – Principal, Pickle Elementary

"We have been amazed with the ease and profitability of the sticker machine. Since we never had this program before, we budgeted 100.00 profit for the year…we made that in the first MONTH, and continue to average that every month! Students love the variety, and selections. Parents appreciate this inexpensive fundraiser, and the ability to reward their children with a few quarters for work well done. Our School Spirit Vending contact is excellent at maintaining the machines, and will work with you for appropriate stickers for your school ages, and likes. Our teachers have even used the machine as rewards."
– Alisha Austin – PTA President 08-09, Union Hill Elementary

"School Spirit Vending has been an exceptional fundraiser. The equipment is brought in and maintained by Spirit Vending. Then we get a check. The hardest part is finding a location to place it."
– Mark A. Garcia – Vice Principal, Elrod Elementary

"School Spirit sticker machines are an easy and inexpensive way for parents and teachers to reward children for academic success and great behavior. The payoff for the school is two-fold; we get motivated students and some extra fundraising money to spend on instructional materials!"
– Principal, Brauchle Elementary

"Having the Sticker Machines in our school has been the easiest fundraiser ever. The stickers are great and the students love them!""
– Stephanie D. Nalbach – Vice Principal, Shirley J. Howsman Elementary

"The students love the stickers they can purchase from the School Spirit Vending Machine! Many students are trying to collect all the stickers. Without this fundraiser, we would not have been able to buy products to sell in our school store."
– Mimi Shepard – Student Council Sponsor, Julia Newton Aue Elementary School

"Fundraising so simple! Fundraising so easy! Fundraising that is affordable for everyone. Our students just LOVE these stickers! We projected making $200 for the school year but will triple that. THANKS!"
– Teresa – PTA President, Cedar Creek Elementary

"The sticker machine has been a big hit on our campus. Some parents allow students to purchase stickers to reinforce positive behavior. It is a great motivator and incentive and we can always use a little extra financial support for our school."
– Kathy Dodge-Clay – Principal, Leon Springs Elementary

"The sticker machines are an easy source of revenue for our school. Students love the adorable stickers and teachers appreciate the educational materials we have been able to purchase from these funds. Thanks."
– Sonya Kirkham – Principal, Colonies North Elementary

"The sticker machines are SO popular! The kids LOVE them! A very simple and easy fund raiser. Not much to do except deposit a check."
– Heidi Helstrom – Rhodes Elementary

"Best hassle-free fundraising ever, the kids love it!"
– Amy Malecki – PTA President, BB Owen Elementary

"Fundraising doesn’t get any easier than this. We love it and the students love it."
– Julie Linthicum – Assistant Principal, Scotland Park Elementary

"School Spirit Vending and Zavalla ISD has formed a great partnership. SSV has allowed me opportunities to "reward" students in a different and unique way. One way is through my "Superintendent Surprise." The students have enjoyed receiving the "stickers" for a job well done. I look forward to continuing with SSV."
– David W. Flowers – Superintendent, Zavalla ISD

"The machine was delivered in December and has been a hit with our students ever since. We have recommended Mr. Eickenhorst and Spirit Vending to other campuses and will continue to do so."
– Sherry Okonski – President, Peach Creek Elementary PTO

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